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Bolovens Plateau

Located on a plateau of volcanic origin, starting about fifty kilometers from Pakse, the Bolovens plateau (or bolavens name of a local ethnic group) has a climate much cooler and wetter than on the plain. Plantations of coffee and teas are harvested in this region, as well as numerous fruits and vegetables.

Petite fille du Plateau des Bolovens

In spite of the forestry development, of plantations of hevea or eucalyptus and the project of mines of bauxite, the Bolovens plateau still possesses big natural spaces.

Numerous waterfalls strew the road which makes the tour of the plateau, with accesses to the cities of Sékong, Saravane or Atapeu.

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Tad Liang Phasouam Tea Plantation Coffee Cherries Tad Fan


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