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Suan Sinouk, Coffee Plantation & Gardens

Suan Sinouk is the “must see” coffee plantation on the Bolovens plateau and its “Chalet”, a typical Lao style lodge, offers a unique experience  to visitors among coffee trees and French-style gardens.
Day tours  and accommodation bookings available at the hotel reception desk.

Lodge plantation Sinouk


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Vat Phu Khmer site


Located at the foot of a mountain range dominated by Phou Khao (mountain with the summit in the shape of Linga), the Khmer site of Vat Phu is spread over several levels to arrive at the sanctuary which was fed by a spring coming from the sacred mountain.

Sanctuaire Khmer de Vat Phou


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Bolovens Plateau

Located on a plateau of volcanic origin, starting about fifty kilometers from Pakse, the Bolovens plateau (or bolavens name of a local ethnic group) has a climate much cooler and wetter than on the plain. Plantations of coffee and teas are harvested in this region, as well as numerous fruits and vegetables.

Petite fille du Plateau des Bolovens
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Pakse Golf


With its 18 holes, located on the hills of Pakse and overlooking the Mekong, the Pakse golf course welcomes you on its 4-5 hours technical course with a  panoramic view.

Information, prices and booking available at reception desk of Residence Sisouk .


Pakse Golf
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